: name

rvuu – referat verschieben und umverteilen

: age

old enough

: homebase

freak-city berlin

: favorite color

digital purpur

: favorite style


: whats your message (if there is any)?

the city is mine, it can be yours, too!

: when did you start doing streetart and why?

in 2003 inspired by BACKJUMPS THE LIVE ISSUE I

: what do you do in your freetime?

streetart, party, politics

: what are your thoughts about the commercial side of streetart? do you reject it or go along with it?

that`s capitalism! if you reject the commercial side of streetart, fight capitalism!

: what do you think of the fellow students of the streetart class?

i dont care.

: do you think you´ll ever quit doing streetart?


: which streetart-actions or artists have especially been to your liking

artists: banksy, mrn-crew, cbs(R.i.P.),… streetart-actions: adbusting, train-bombing, tagging

: any last words?

think pink, go drag, come queer and fight nazis & cops!

rvuu’s pictures on reclaimyourcity